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Simple Innovation LLC is a software development and consulting company that leverages open source technologies and solutions to build innovative applications faster. Simple Innovation works with companies to solve complex problems, and implement ground-breaking features.

How Can Simple Innovation Help My Company?

Using Simple Innovation as an incubation lab for new software products you can reduce risk and cost when expanding your company into new markets. Instead of redirecting precious resources from your core development team, you can contract out these risks and only pay for the work you need. Simple Innovation provides unique web development experience and tools that reduce time to completion and total cost.

Always Know Whats Going On.

With demos and product update guaranteed at least every other week - you wont have to guess where things are at, or how much longer things will take. You'll know. And with a live task queue powered by you'll even know the individual tasks being worked on at any given time, and be able to contribute feedback real-time. Never again invest months of several developer's time, only to discover you weren't even getting what you wanted.

It's Going to Be Good.

With our knowledge of cutting edge web application development and design, we know we can deliver a product we both will be proud of. But even more then that, well deliver a product that you can support even after we're going. With 100% public API documentation, 80%+ test coverage, high level diagrams, and coding style conformity guaranteed - your developers will love us as just as much as you will.

Don't Just Get What You Paid For. Get More.

It's no secret we contribute heavily to open source projects, but this wont cost you a dime. Instead as part of a contract with us you get free support, bug fixes, and feature improvements to any of our open source libraries. Additionally, we only bill you for hours worked directly on your project. We take 15 minute breaks like everyone else, we just don't charge you for them. And if we bill for code, you own that code.

We Look Forward to Your Business!